Important Notice regarding closure of your Sapphire Email Account

We have been providing hosted email services in Gibraltar for over 20 years during which time the landscape has changed considerably. Global companies such as Microsoft, Google and Apple offer free email, as well as other services such as cloud storage, photo sharing and office applications, etc. This has resulted in a continuous decline in the number of Sapphire email customers to the point where it is simply no longer viable to maintain these. This will impact you if you currently use an email address ending in, or

In order to facilitate your migration to a new email service of your choice we will be implementing a two-step approach to allow plenty of time to register for a new provider, as well as to inform your contacts of your new email address. Please read and follow all the steps


1. If you haven’t already done so, you need obtain a new email address by registering with an alternative email provider. The most popular ones (in alphabetical order) are listed below. We aren’t recommending any of these and there are many others that you may prefer to open an email account with. However, please note that we cannot provide support on these services, but they are fairly straight forward and they each provide plenty of support on their own websites.

Apple (iCloud):
Google (Gmail):
Microsoft (Outlook):

Once you have signed up with an alternative email provider, send an email to all your contacts advising them of your new address so they update their records. Then retrieve the emails you want from your old account, see Existing Emails section below for details.

2. Provide us with your new email address, your mailbox will then be closed and we will forward all emails to that new address. So, any email that is sent to your, or email address will automatically and immediately be routed to your new email address.

If you wish, we can also automatically reply to the sender advising that this email is no longer in use and they should change their contact details for your new address. From this moment on you should only be using your new email account to send and receive emails, so your contacts will start seeing your new email address.


1. We will be removing access to your email accounts by 31st January 2020 unless you notify us sooner. This gives you over two months to open an account with an alternative provider (Step 1 above) and supply us with your new email address. After this time, you will still receive the forwarded emails at your new account, but you will no longer be able to log into your, or account with us, and you should not have to anyway. You will only have a problem if you haven’t completed Step 1 above by then.

2. We will continue to forward your emails (Step 2 above) until 31st January 2021, which gives you over a year in which to inform all your contacts, online services, registered websites and subscriptions such as online banking and shopping sites of your new email address.

Existing Emails

If you have emails in your, or account that you want to keep, there are various methods of moving them to your new email address depending on the provider.

The easiest way to transfer your emails is via an email app on your device if you use one. Most email apps will allow you to log into multiple accounts. You can configure your email app to connect to both accounts and you can usually copy or move your emails from your old account into a folder in your new account.

Alternatively, some email providers allow you to enter your old email account credentials and they will log into your old account and retrieve all your emails and contacts for you.

Important: Your new email provider may have features that organise your inbox in sections and some emails that are brought over, may appear in the Junk or Spam folder.

You would have to check with your new email provider, which method(s) they support, and you would have to do this before 31st January 2020, after which you will no longer have any access to your Sapphire email account.

Note: During this time, Sapphire Networks can only provide support via emails and not via phone or walk-ins to our sales office.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact us at